Disney XD Games, Now you can play with your favorite characters of Disney XD like Phineas and Ferb, Spiderman, Kick, Kid vs Kat and pair of Kings. Enjoy our Disney XD Games that we bring for you totally free.

Guardians of the Galaxy Games

If you watched the new Marvel Comics film “Guardians of the Galaxy” it’s time to bring some fun games, puzzles, differences and some other games for the mind of course the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy.

There are several games guardians of the galaxy, but we found most amusing is that is now in the app store, “Guardians of the Galaxy The universal weapon” a video game much like castle crashers, ninja turtles through time including fun action games that can be played in multiplayer mode with various characters to choose from. Definitely a game that can not be lost and can not pass up. Available for Android, Windows Phone and of course iPhone.

We leave you with the trailer of the game and the link to download games as guardians of the galaxy.

Phineas and Ferb Games – Perry The Platypus Games


In this game you are going to play as Perry The platypus, your mission is to save all the agents from the second dimension. This game is from the Disney XD movie, Phineas and Ferb across the second dimension.

Use the keys “J” and “L” to move and “I” to jump , double  jump “I”+ “I”.

Also you will get all the perry’s neckless through the level, a helpfull trick is using your stick on the walls to get more tokens and get more and more extra points.  Use the spacebar to activate your weapon and destroy the robots.

This games come from the Disney XD Games totatally free for you, no installation problems, no downloads, only play and have a wonderfull time.

Also enjoy the new season of the best TV show on Disney XD, Phienas and Ferb the best and smartest brothers in the world.



Kickin it Games – Disney XD

This is the all brand new serie from the best channel in the world for kids Disney XD, Kickin it has all what the kids wants, action, fight, jumps, competition and of course a lot of fun. In this tv show you can watch Jason Earles and Leo Howard from Hannah Montana. All the action starts in the academy of martial arts Wasabi (the worst dojo in the country), where the kids try to work to be the best (and here is when the fun part comes).

So here is the game of the new tv Show Kickin It, you don’t have to worry about installation problems, download issues or anything, just play here in Disney XD Games

In this game you are going to show your skills in karate, try and destroy all the pieces of wood.

Just Click here to play!

Kickin It Games

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