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Phineas and Ferb Games – Perry The Platypus Games


In this game you are going to play as Perry The platypus, your mission is to save all the agents from the second dimension. This game is from the Disney XD movie, Phineas and Ferb across the second dimension.

Use the keys “J” and “L” to move and “I” to jump , double  jump “I”+ “I”.

Also you will get all the perry’s neckless through the level, a helpfull trick is using your stick on the walls to get more tokens and get more and more extra points.  Use the spacebar to activate your weapon and destroy the robots.

This games come from the Disney XD Games totatally free for you, no installation problems, no downloads, only play and have a wonderfull time.

Also enjoy the new season of the best TV show on Disney XD, Phienas and Ferb the best and smartest brothers in the world.




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